libxy3 - A C++ x-y data reading library

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Distribution OpenMandriva Cooker
Repository OpenMandriva Unsupported Release i586
Package filename libxy3-1.1-2-omv4000.i686.rpm
Package name libxy3
Package version 1.1
Package release 2-omv4000
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
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Xylib is a portable C++ library for reading files that contain x-y
data from powder diffraction, spectroscopy or other experimental
Supported formats:
* plain text (CSV or TSV or space-separated-values)
* Crystallographic Information File for Powder Diffraction (pdCIF)
* Siemens/Bruker UXD
* Siemens/Bruker RAW ver. 1/2/3/4
* Philips UDF
* Philips RD (raw scan) V3
* Rigaku DAT
* Sietronics Sieray CPI
* DBWS/DMPLOT data file
* Canberra MCA (only one of Canberra MCA formats?)
* XFIT/Koalariet XDD
* Vamas ISO14976 (only experiment modes: SEM or MAPSV or MAPSVDP
are supported; only REGULAR scan_mode is supported)
* Princeton Instruments WinSpec SPE (only 1-D data is supported)
This package contains the xylib shared library.


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libxy3 - - -


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libxy3 = 1.1-2
libxy3(x86-32) = 1.1-2


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Binary Package libxy3-1.1-2-omv4000.i686.rpm
Source Package xylib-1.1-2.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable the repository in Software Repository Picker:
    # om-repo-picker
  2. Install libxy3 rpm package:
    # dnf install libxy3



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