bash - The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash)

Property Value
Distribution OpenMandriva Cooker
Repository OpenMandriva Main Release i586
Package filename bash-5.0.3-2-omv4000.i686.rpm
Package name bash
Package version 5.0.3
Package release 2-omv4000
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category Shells
License GPLv2+
Maintainer -
Download size 913.09 KB
Installed size 5.04 MB
Bash is a GNU project sh-compatible shell or command language
interpreter. Bash (Bourne Again shell) incorporates useful features
from the Korn shell (ksh) and the C shell (csh). Most sh scripts
can be run by bash without modification.
Bash offers several improvements over sh, including command line
editing, unlimited size command history, job control, shell
functions and aliases, indexed arrays of unlimited size and
integer arithmetic in any base from two to 64. Bash is ultimately
intended to conform to the IEEE POSIX P1003.2/ISO 9945.2 Shell and
Tools standard.


Package Version Architecture Repository
bash-5.0.3-2-omv4000.x86_64.rpm 5.0.3 x86_64 OpenMandriva Main Release
bash - - -


Name Value - - - - - - -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


Name Value
/bin/sh -
bash = 5.0.3-2
bash(x86-32) = 5.0.3-2
config(bash) = 5.0.3-2


Name Value
etcskel <= 1.63-11mdk
fileutils < 4.1-5mdk
setup < 2.7.4-1mdv


Type URL
Binary Package bash-5.0.3-2-omv4000.i686.rpm
Source Package bash-5.0.3-2.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable the repository in Software Repository Picker:
    # om-repo-picker
  2. Install bash rpm package:
    # dnf --refresh install bash



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