perl-Term-Clui - Term-Clui module for perl

Distribution: OpenMandriva Cooker
Repository: OpenMandriva Contrib x86_64
Package name: perl-Term-Clui
Package version: 1.680.0
Package release: 3-omv2015.0
Package architecture: noarch
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 81.57 KB
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Term::Clui offers a high-level user interface to give the user of command-line applications a consistent "look and feel". Its metaphor for the computer is as a human-like conversation-partner, and as each question/response is completed it is summarised onto one line, and remains on screen, so that the history of the session gradually accumulates on the screen and is available for review, or for cut/paste. This user interface can therefore be intermixed with standard applications which write to STDOUT or STDERR, such as make, pgp, rcs etc. For the user, &choose uses arrow keys (or hjkl) and Return or q; also SpaceBar for multiple choices. &confirm expects y, Y, n or N. In general, ctrl-L redraws the (currently active bit of the) screen. &edit and &view use the default EDITOR and PAGER if possible. It's fast, simple, and has few external dependencies. It doesn't use curses (which is a whole-of-screen interface); it uses a small subset of vt100 sequences (up down left right normal and reverse) which are very portable.



  • perl(Term::Clui) == 1.680.0
  • perl(Term::Clui::FileSelect) == 1.680.0
  • perl-Term-Clui == 1.680.0-3:2015.0

    Install Howto

    1. Enable OpenMandriva Contrib repository on Install and Remove Software"
    2. Update packages list:
      # urpmi.update -a
    3. Install perl-Term-Clui rpm package:
      # urpmi perl-Term-Clui


    • /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.20.1/Term/
    • /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.20.1/Term/Clui/
    • /usr/share/doc/perl-Term-Clui/Changes
    • /usr/share/doc/perl-Term-Clui/README
    • /usr/share/man/man3/Term::Clui.3pm.xz
    • /usr/share/man/man3/Term::Clui::FileSelect.3pm.xz