perl-Parse-EDID - Extended display identification data (EDID) parser

Property Value
Distribution OpenMandriva Lx 2014.2
Repository OpenMandriva Main Release x86_64
Package name perl-Parse-EDID
Package version 1.0.4
Package release 3-omv2014.0
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 32.11 KB
Download size 13.77 KB
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This module provides some function to parse Extended Display Identification
Data binary data structures.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-Parse-EDID-1.0.4-3-omv2014.0.noarch.rpm 1.0.4 noarch OpenMandriva Main Release
perl-Parse-EDID - - -


Name Value
perl(Exporter) -
perl(abi) >= 5.16.3


Name Value
perl(Parse::EDID) == 1.0.4
perl-Parse-EDID == 1.0.4-3:2014.0


Type URL
Binary Package perl-Parse-EDID-1.0.4-3-omv2014.0.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-Parse-EDID-1.0.4-3.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable OpenMandriva Main Release repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install perl-Parse-EDID rpm package:
    # urpmi perl-Parse-EDID




2014-02-08 - Tomasz Pawe? Gajc <> 1.0.4-3
+ Revision: a4e4ea4
- MassBuild#328: Increase release tag

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